Purchasing questions for AskOhio is easy—just send us a draft of the
question(s) that you would like considered for the survey. Please note that, unless otherwise stated, questions selected for inclusion in the AskOhio survey appear in one cycle or wave of data collection (fall or spring). Each wave consists of approximately 800 interviews with Ohio adults.

Additional samples and oversamples are available upon request for an additional charge.

To receive more information, simply call 1-800-341-3660 or e-mail.
There are two types of questions that can be purchased for inclusion on the survey, close-ended and open-ended questions.


Close-ended questions, which are questions with pre-defined response categories wherein a respondent chooses from a set of answers rather than providing a descriptive explanation of their answer, cost $800 per question. 

Close-ended question questions allow clients to easily look at their data by different sub-groups. Along with the data collected from the client's questions, clients will also receive the demographic data to allow group comparisons by: age, race, gender, education level, political stance, and region. Clients will receive a summary report that includes the number and percentage of responses for each question and comparison tables and/or actual data files for the interested user.

Open-ended questions are questions that capture a respondent's thoughts verbatim and may be added for $1,200 each. Open-ended questions do not offer response choices; rather, they solicit more information from the respondent allowing them to explain their opinions and attitudes. Open-ended question responses are provided directly to the client at the end of the survey effort. Clients will also receive the number and percentage of responses for each demographic question and/or actual data files for the interested user.

Experts at SRG will assist clients in developing the most appropriate question type based on their needs. Clients will work with an SRG researcher to make sure that their questions will provide them with the most accurate and reliable results.

Organizations can obtain more information about AskOhio or submit potential questions for AskOhio by calling 1-800-341-3660 and asking for Aran Carr or by e-mailing INFO@askohio.com.