AskOhio uses a representative sample of 800 Ohio residents, age 18 and older. A sampling procedure is utilized so that respondents are distributed across the five major geographic regions of Ohio (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, and Central) to assure that these areas are included proportionate to their percentage in the population.

The sample also includes both cell phone and landline numbers so that all Ohioan adults with a telephone are potentially available for an interview.

AskOhio is valid within a 3.5% margin of error, at a 95% confidence interval. This means that the results of AskOhio will not differ from those of the entire Ohio population by more than 3.5%, 95% of the time. If the survey was conducted again under the exact same conditions, 95 out of 100 times the results would be within 3.5 percentage points of the “true” attitudes of all Ohioans. This indicates that AskOhio data are valid and likely accurately represent the opinions of all Ohioans.

Strategic Research Group is committed to conducting research that meets the highest standards of methodological integrity. Utilizing tools, methods, and analytical techniques that are optimally suited to the research at hand, we perform research in an impartial, open-minded manner. SRG is committed to protecting the privacy of our survey respondents and interacting with them in a transparent, honest, and respectful way. In the end, SRG accurately and sufficiently describes all methods and findings to allow anyone to evaluate the credibility of our results.