Question: I am interested in asking questions on the survey, but I am unsure how to word them.

Answer: No problem. Our experienced staff of survey researchers can help you develop your questions so that you obtain scientifically valid answers. Just call us at 1-800-341-3660 and ask for Aran Carrr, or e-mail us at

Question: Are survey results generalizable to the entire adult population of Ohio?

Answer: Yes. We utilize random sampling procedures that ensure that respondents are distributed across the five major geographic regions of the state. Additionally, we sample from both landlines and cell phones so as not to exclude cell-phone-only households.

Question: What is the margin of error for the poll?

Answer: With a sample of 800 responses, AskOhio surveys have a 3.5% margin of error at a 95% confidence level. This means there is only a one in twenty chance that the results differ more than 3.5 percentage points from the population’s true values.

Question: How is the survey administered?

Answer: AskOhio is a telephone survey administered by trained interviewers using SRG’s Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) center located in Columbus, Ohio. Our CATI system allows us to control the way questions are asked, which questions are asked, and when each question is asked. Its extensive options, such as skip indicators and the ability to insert information obtained in previous questions into future questions, allow for the smooth delivery of potentially complicated interviews.

Question: If my organization becomes an AskOhio client, what will we receive?

Answer: When the survey is completed, clients with close-ended questions will receive a summary report of the results of their questions and comparison table breaking out the percentages to their questions by age, race, gender, education level, political stance, and region. Clients with open-ended questions will also receive the distributions for the demographic questions as well as the verbatim text responses for the open-ended questions in a Microsoft Excel or Word file. Interested users may also receive actual data files of responses to their specific questions (for clients with close-ended questions) and demographic questions (for all clients).

Question: Who is SRG?
Strategic Research Group (SRG) is a full service research company that provides data collection, consultative, and research services. SRG has extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative research, employing senior scientists and consultants with significant research expertise in areas such as mathematics, statistics, management, psychology, communications, and sociology, among others. We use leading research methodologies, procedures, and analyses to ensure valid and reliable data collection as well as informative and accurate research reports.


Have other questions not answered here?

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